Japan Expo iz oveeeer

Tant de bonheur dans ce salon ; ____; ♥ Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui sont passés, j’espère vraiment que le In Your Skin chapitre 2 vous plaira (envoyez moi vos avis et photos et ce que vous voulez !!) et le mini sketchbook 7 aussi !

Randomly sur la photo… j’ai les zines de Tsundereko, boitebiscuit,C&M girls who spoiled meeee, Myst, kattzt my partner in crime, mariposa-nocturnaraka-raka and some cute cute goods I found on other booths ! (and my cats are being very curious about it XD) I wanted to buy more but… money é_è

and look at those precious PRECIOUS gifts I got :

The weather was just a nightmare the first two days and still very HOT Saturday and Sunday, but I had a really nice time all the same with kattzt this year !! I’m always glad to meet people IRL as we say, and talk a bit even if I have the worst memory span anyone can have > __ > I’m so sorry…

People were really nice to me again and I met cutie ero-pinku this time and saw again luleiya and inmapollito who’re the sweetest too ♥ (and Madmodesty, and many others /o/) I discovered new artists I’m gonna stalk from now ON 8D

Now I need rest, but soon my SHOP will be open and running with ALL THE NEW STUFFS (and really soon my books in english !)

Restez attentifs je renfloue ma boutique TOUT BIENTOT pour les Ventes par Correspondances 8D ♥ et pardon pour le franglais jsuis épuisée !!